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Music Recognition

Soundstr uses Gracenote Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology to identify music performed in real world businesses and venues. Music users can be up and running in minutes.

fee transparency

Following the dollar in the area of General Licensing is now possible. Offer transparency to music users and allow all registered songwriters to earn money when their music is commercially used. Goodbye royalty distributions by proxy data.


Soundstr's data offers the performing rights industry a new path to sustainability through supporting more songwriters and building further trust with the music users, both existing and new.

How can Soundstr help the music industry?

Soundstr uses recognition technology to identify real world music usage and offers new advertising opportunities for businesses and songwriters. This transparency offers businesses a way to negotiate Performing Rights license fees based on actual music usage, and songwriters a way to earn royalties when their music is used in the real world. We are songwriters trying to help build a more sustainable music industry. Join us in our efforts today. #MusicTransparency