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Consumer Connection Like Never Before


Targeted audience

Concert-goers appreciate the pairing of the right brands with artists at live events. We'll help you find audiences based on specific demographic preferences, like preferred genres, location, age and more.

unique opportunities

From broadcasting radio-style ads before/after events and during set changeover to utilizing beacon technology, Soundstr's patent-pending Pulse device presents several unique advertising opportunities.

Scalable solutions

Soundstr presents scalable solutions for brands. Our ad inventory starts at half the cost of cinema without time commitments like radio. Campaigns can scale from a single event to an exclusive annual coverage of venues.

How can Soundstr help the music industry?

Soundstr uses recognition technology to identify real world music usage and offers new advertising opportunities for businesses and songwriters. This transparency offers businesses a way to negotiate Performing Rights license fees based on actual music usage, and songwriters a way to earn royalties when their music is used in the real world. We are songwriters trying to help build a more sustainable music industry. Join us in our efforts today. #MusicTransparency